Joseph Manton London
The Legacy of Excellence

Joseph Manton

was the most gifted and inventive gunmaker of his age — arguably of any age.

Joseph Manton transformed the sporting gun into a thing of consummate beauty.

Charles Lancaster, William Moore, Thomas Boss and James Purdey were among the leading craftsmen who worked for Manton and were inspired by his brilliance. As James Purdey later admitted: ‘but for him we should all have been a parcel of blacksmiths’.

Today, two centuries later, he is still inspiring top craftsmen. Our small team has been drawn together by a shared respect for ‘Old Joe’. This enterprise is our tribute to his genius. And this is our single-minded mission:

  • To re-establish the Joseph Manton name as the ultimate expression of London gunmaking excellence
  • To create a limited edition of hand-made, premium quality ‘Sidelock’, ‘Bar In Wood’ and ‘Over & Under’ shotguns — including a unique triple-barrelled model
  • To set standards that set us apart. Our invited team of top craftsmen has extensive experience working for London’s leading gunmaking houses
  • To produce exquisite, best quality English shotguns for the most discerning customers.