Joseph Manton London
The Legacy of Excellence

Excellence in the making

To ensure consistent accuracy, our hand-struck, chopper lump barrels are perfectly matched and balanced.

Sourcing the best materials is an obsession. We use only the finest quality steel. All of our actions are cut from solid billets and, like our barrels, they exceed all required safety standards.

We personally select the prime Walnut blanks for our stocks. Our stockers insist on timber that has been naturally dried for decades. They particularly look for the most highly-figured, straight-grained examples to give Joseph Manton guns a unique, distinctive character.

Creating the perfect fit is critical. Like a bespoke hand-made suit, over two dozen different measurements are taken to achieve perfection.

There is a story that Enzo Ferrari once halted production of a new Ferrari model because it ‘didn’t look right’…
the styling was not as powerful as the car’s performance. We totally understand this thinking. A gun has to look right, to be right. Our finishers devote weeks to ensuring that the weight, balance and styling are perfectly in tune. The result: a gun that is as responsive as it is rewarding to own.

Joseph Manton was a pioneer. He would have been the first to embrace technology and to exploit the potential of advanced
machine tools. For this reason, we have no hesitation in using them in our quest for engineering perfection. However, we also know precisely where cutting-edge technology ends and the craftsman’s eyes, hands and experience take over.

The engraver’s art. Our craftsmen still use the traditional hand tools of the engraving trade to sculpt our classic designs. It takes over one hundred passes to cut and chase each infinitely delicate figure which can, at a client’s request, feature gold or platinum inlays. Rose and scroll, leaf patterns, birds, game scenes and other designs can be created to order.

Pride. Precision. Passion. We take immense pride in our workmanship. We set exacting standards that few in our industry come close to matching. And we are driven by a total passion for excellence…
After all, when you create just a few very special guns each year for the most discerning owners, they have to be truly exceptional.


Joseph Manton guns are a valuable investment and should be carefully protected. Each gun is presented in its own
hand-made motor case complete with a range of accessories.

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