Joseph Manton London
The Legacy of Excellence

Joseph Manton

“…the greatest artist in firearms that ever the world produced”

1789 was not an auspicious year. ‘Madame Guillotine’ in Paris had cast a very long shadow over London society. Many feared that ‘La Révolution’ would swim the Channel and, in their clubs and salons, the wealthy watched the bloody fall-out with mounting apprehension.

So it was hardly surprising that the arrival of a new, young gunmaker in the heart of fashionable Mayfair went largely unnoticed…

But not for long!

Joseph Manton’s fame spread rapidly. His Mayfair gun shop was soon patronised by prominent

businessmen, leading politicians and nobility.

He was awarded a Royal Warrant as well as lucrative contracts from the East India Company.

But possibly the greatest praise came from Colonel Hawker – the celebrated marksman – who simply described Manton as: ‘The greatest artist in firearms that ever the world produced.’

Joseph Manton was indeed the most gifted and inventive gunmaker of his age – arguably of any age. And, today, he is the inspiration behind Joseph Manton (London) Limited; a business that honours the genius of ‘Old Joe’.

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